About Us

Founded in 1981, Yeates and Yeates Architects, LLC is located in the historic warehouse district of New Orleans. Yeates and Yeates Architects is a professional architectural design firm dedicated to its mission of providing quality services in the areas of pre-design, programming, design, construction administration, interior design, estimating, code analysis and review, zoning analysis, budgeting services, comprehensive review and assessment of existing facilities, public presentations, renderings and 3D Modeling. The firm was founded in 1981 and has been in the continuous practice of architecture in and around metropolitan New Orleans, as well as the surrounding parishes since that time. The two partners are Cynthia Yeates and Z. Ames Yeates, AIA. Cynthia and Ames have both been licensed to practice in the State of Louisiana since 1981. They believe in a “hands on” approach in the day to day practice of the firm and enjoy involvement in every project.

Key Personnel

Z. Ames Yeates, AIA, NCARB

Ames Yeates, AIA, NCARB has practiced architecture extensively in the Metropolitan Area of New Orleans as well as outside the State of Louisiana for 40 years. In addition to Louisiana, he is licensed to practice architecture in the states of Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee and Idaho. Mr. Yeates, throughout his 40 year history, has worked in a continuous long standing relationship with numerous government agencies as well as private sector clients. Under Ames’s direct supervision, the firm has completed projects for numerous government agencies including the City of New Orleans, Plaquemines Parish Government, Department of the Interior, the Recovery School District, Plaquemines Parish School Board, St. John the Baptist Parish School Board, St. John the Baptist Government, the State of Louisiana, the Vieux Carré Commission, the Historic District Landmarks Commission, St. Tammany Parish School Board, as well as other city, state and federal agencies.

Mr. Yeates has also handled numerous historically significant projects since the firm’s formation in 1981 that have included clients in the Vieux Carré, the Historic Warehouse District of New Orleans and throughout Louisiana. Many of these projects have involved the review and assessment of historic buildings for a decision regarding the replacement, repair or maintaining the historic fabric. Some of those historic projects have included assisting the Office of the State Museum at the Presbytere, Cabildo, Cabildo Annex, Arsenal, Creole House and Jackson House. Ames has served as a commissioner on the Historic District Landmarks Commission in New Orleans and also as a member of the HDLC Architectural Review Committee. During college, he worked for the Historic American Building Survey (HABS, Department of the Interior) documenting historic structures in the Pecos Valley in New Mexico and as a result understands the requirements for HABS documentation to meet “The Secretary of Interior Standards.”

Cynthia Yeates, RA, NCARB

Cynthia is a graduate of Tulane University School of Architecture, holding both a Bachelor of Architecture and a Master’s degree in architecture. She received her license to practice architecture in 1981 and has over 40 years of continuous hands on experience. Cynthia coordinates office projects, assessment studies and reports for numerous clients and actively participates in overall project document review and the preparation of project technical specifications. She has been engaged in public service having served as a volunteer for several organizations and has served on various community boards as a member of the executive committee, secretary, treasurer and president.

Thadious D. Mancil III, RA, NCARB

Thad is a graduate of Louisiana State University having received a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 2007. Thad received his Architectural License in 2016 and has served as a Commissioner on the Abita Springs, Louisiana Historic Commission since 2015. He is actively involved in project documentation and construction administration. His experience includes the detailed assessments of existing structures, coordination of various project activities as well as coordination of consultant services and client requirements. Thad has considerable experience working with the requirements set forth by the Federal and State Historic Preservation agencies and ensuring that all existing historic fabric has been thoroughly evaluated and the retention, or careful replacement of these components, has been considered during the design phase of a project. As a college student, Thad worked with the Historical American Building Survey (HABS) evaluating, measuring and drafting historic regional structures.

Gary D. Harrelson, RA

Gary is a graduate of Tulane University School of Architecture, holding both a Bachelor of Architecture and a Master’s degree. He received his license in 1978 and has had over 40 years of comprehensive experience in numerous projects with a wide variety of scope. His work has included the design and renovation of schools, libraries, bank buildings, and commercial structures. Gary most recently completed the design work for the new Fannie C. Williams School, the new Phoenix High School, the new Lake Pontchartrain Elementary School and the renovations to the East St John Middle School. In addition, Gary designed and coordinated the construction documents on the new Port Sulphur Community Library which is raised to meet FEMA Base Flood Elevations as required by code. Gary’s design abilities and knowledge of construction details are integral to successful project completion.

Brian T. Copeland

Brian joined the office in 2008 after graduating from the Kansas State University, College of Architecture, Planning and Design with a Bachelor of Architecture Degree. He has worked on a wide variety of design and construction projects since joining the firm that have included large new educational projects, historic preservation projects, complicated renovations, libraries and residential projects. Brian is well versed in the production of construction documents, in the AutoCAD and Revit formats, perspective rendering, 3-D Modeling, Sustainable Design and proficient in the production/detailing of construction documents. He is familiar with the International Building Code (IBC), FEMA and CDBG requirements, and reviews documents for compliance with all applicable code regulations on the local, state and federal levels. Recently, Brian completed the Chahta Ima Elementary School Addition/Renovation and has been actively involved with construction document preparation for St. John the Baptist School Board projects and a new Plaquemines Parish Library.